We were honoured to host the following exhibitors at ERIC 2018:



At Ubisoft Escape Games, our mission is to create outstanding escape games in Virtual Reality, set in the most popular worlds of Ubisoft.

Our escape games are created and optimized for location based entertainment venues and are exclusively available in selected locations such as escape rooms, VR Arcades and theme parks. Our escape games are mainstream experiences, built around cooperation between players from a wide audience and across all ages. They are larger-than-life adventures that would be far too dangerous or just impossible to live in real life. Our first experience is Escape The Lost Pyramid, an escape game taking place in the world of Assassin’s Creed Origins.

We will showcase a 4 player version of the game at ERIC2018.  Come and escape for real in VR!  See Games for further details.



Cluetivity® combines the best elements of classical treasure hunts, GPS-Geocaching and Live-Escape-Games with Augmented Reality Technology into a new outdoor team game. The basic gameplay is simple: Go to places in your city, crack tricky riddles and solve your mission. Whether you interact with virtual avatars in real places or unravel tricky puzzles with your ActionPack™, Cluetivity® is an action-packed adventure for families, friends and colleagues.

Cluetivity® missions are pre-defined games of different genres. Every mission has its own story and diversified riddles. There are currently 2 outdoor missions available: Magic Portal (ideal for families with children) and Operation Mindfall (ideal for escape game fans, team building events and bachelor parties). Missions are individually adaptable to your location by using our online building tool. In addition to our ready to play City Adventures we have several entertaining Indoor Games available which can be immediately played in nearly any place in the world.



Indestroom produces the latest generation of escape rooms. We offer high-tech turnkey escape rooms and standalone escape room puzzles of any complexity.  We have built over 400 escape rooms in 35 countries since 2014.  We own a full-cycle 1650sqm production area and have a 1-month production time for ready-to-play escape rooms. We offer worldwide shipping on our products.



Buzzshot engages your players before and after the game, saving you time and garnering you more reviews. Buzzshot collects players details (and optionally acts as a waiver) before the game and helps you take a great branded team photo after. Then it ties it all together by sending the team photo by SMS and email to all your players as well as uploading it to Facebook. When players receive the messages we also ask them to review, massively boosting your reviews!

“Our reviews have kicked up into high gear so very happy indeed!” – David Staffell, Bewilderbox

“Buzzshot has been fantastic for our business. We couldn’t recommend Buzzshot highly enough!” – James Addy, Hand Made Mysteries



Since 2014, Legendary Quests have been creating all the necessarily components of escape rooms. Our main goal has always been to make each escape experience as realistic as possible. Each puzzle element that is manufactured by our company will help your players transition into your imaginary world.  For us every single detail is important, from the script to the aesthetic design. We use the latest technologies in the creation of each component.  We have a skilled team of programmers and engineers who analyse every element to make sure our puzzles run smoothly whilst ensuring excellent longevity and durability. Our team of artists work with incredible attention to detail to make sure the puzzles we create for you fit into the worlds you have imagined so that your customers are left completely immersed.

Our company works closely with each client to ensure we create puzzles which perfectly suit your needs and brief, allowing you to focus on creating your room whilst we build your props to your exact specifications, create decorations for your theme or design puzzles to fill a gap in your room. Visit our stand to view our puzzles and electronics, and to discuss our full range of services.



Now Escape. The UK’s leading escape room aggregator.

Now Escape are kindly sponsoring teas, coffees and snacks for our attendees.



COGS is a fully integrated game management system developed by the minds at Clockwork Dog.

Working closely with you, we custom build the system to your game design, providing our hardware to facilitate all manner of puzzle mechanics. After setup and installation, we support, maintain and upgrade our software for years to come.

COGS delivers: slick theatrics, instant puzzle feedback, multi-layered sound and music, video playback, dynamic lighting, DMX control, game statistics, as well as all the escape room staples – timing, hint system, maglocks, motors, actuators and sensors.

Monitored through a sleek, intelligent and user friendly interface, gamemasters can concentrate solely on giving players the best possible game experience.  It’s the same system that powers all of Clockwork Dog’s games.

Run like clockwork. Run on COGS.



The Insurance Centre are a service-led insurance broker based in the North West of England and have been one of the leading providers of insurance to the Escape Room industry ever since the popular leisure activity was first brought to the UK. While we are based in the North West of England, we have Escape Room clients all across the UK. From Belfast to Birmingham and Dumfries to Devon, The Insurance Centre has taken the time to understand the insurance needs of Escape Room businesses, and have an experienced team on hand who can help tailor an insurance package to meet the unique business requirements of an Escape Room.

In Escape Rooms you need to be prepared for any eventuality and the same applies to Escape Room insurance. There isn’t one set formula, so we’ll work with you to find out the size, assets and risk of your business to determine the level of cover you need. We provide cover for both single and multi-site operations and we can also insure on site cafes, meeting rooms and other facilities you may have within the business on the same policy.

If you can’t stop by our stand at ERIC2018 and you would like more information with regards to solving the puzzle of insurance protection then please visit our website.



“It is not just about providing tickets“

QuinBook is a comprehensive business management tool that hit the ground running in 2017 exclusive to the escape industry. It is all-in-one and covers all of your booking, customer relations, and staffing needs.

Created by escape game providers for escape game providers, QuinBook has been carefully developed over the last three years and is adapting rapidly to the industry and its specific needs.



From one-off items to bulk printing, whether you need help with design or complete production, we have the experience to help you to visualise your ideas.

Baileys have been solving print and sign problems since 1881 and have worked closely with escape room leaders Escapologic to produce many weird and wonderful items – from 80s toy boxes to WW2 banners.

We can help with the re-design of your brand, right up to the supply of that last missing piece of work to complete your new escape room.