We are thrilled to be welcoming over 60 speakers, presenters, workshop hosts, lightning talk givers, panellists, exhibitors and game runners from across the road who will be sharing their experience, knowledge and expertise.

A full topic-list and schedule can be found on the home page.


We are excited to be offering four interactive workshops which are repeated once each day:

Marketing 101: Foundations for Selling Success

Aaron O’Dowling-Keane – Sherlock: The Game is Now
Get your business set up with the simple tools, processes and templates to manage your marketing for selling success.

  • This workshop will include how to;
  • – Track where your customers are coming from with Google Analytics
  • – Create easy and professional looking graphics without Photoshop
  • – Manage a marketing calendar with Team Up
  • – Send sexy emails with MailChimp
  • – Identify new partners to sell more tickets
  • – Turn customers into brand ambassadors
  • – PR on a shoestring

Creating Characters With Charlie Bond + Dr Hasselhoff: Escape Room Performance Workshop

Charlie Bond & Guy Way – Deadlocked & Bewilder Box

Character Game Masters add depth to the customer experience and make them feel like they’re immersed in something new and exciting. Charlie Bond & Dr Hasselhoff (both professional actors and seasoned escape room industry performers) will take participants through a series of simple activities that can be used to quickly develop an entertaining and unique three-dimensional character. Suitable for anyone that wants to take part in a fun, energetic session, regardless of performance experience.

Tech on a Budget

Paul Hayes – Programmer and Creative Technologist
Building electronic components to an Escape Room is exciting and can inject a lot of variety and magic to the player experience. However creating a control system to monitor and override these elements is traditionally expensive, requires bespoke or extremely customisable software which discourages designers from investing in them.

Paul often uses entirely open source software to create electronic components, using cheap off the shelf hardware, all with a beautiful and easy to manage front end for the Escape Room operator, with room reset and electric lock overrides built in automatically.

In this workshop, you’ll be getting hands on as Paul takes you step by step through how to use this technology to build your own electronic props.


A Practical Guide to Building Worlds: Aesthetics and Prop-building Workshop

Alex Brooker – AB Modelmaking
How can we work to amplify immersion through our surroundings without sacrificing durability and budget?

Alex will lift the curtain on how props are produced for film and television and how you can apply these techniques to your own work, including construction methods, materials and other secrets!

You will also be invited to take part in a practical section on the do’s and don’ts of weathering and how to achieve a realistic, hard-wearing rust effect.